Creating a Compassionate World: Addressing the Conflicts Between Sharing and Caring Versus Controlling and Holding Evolved Strategies

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There is increasing evidence for example that right-wing individuals, who tend to endorse the control and hold strategies, are threat sensitive to themes such as national identity and the freedom to control and hold personal resources (Perry et al., 2013). Fear and anger are more easily triggered if one is concerned and vigilant that others are trying to take one’s resources away, compared to believing others will share theirs with you. These issues are closely related to a personality dimension called narcissism. Basran et al. also found that people who endorsed hyper-competitive, narcissistic and ruthless self ambitious views also endorsed anti compassionate attitudes and resistance to being helpful to others.

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We need to recognize that through the lens of a hunter-gatherer mind, individuals who accumulate vast wealth are being allowed to cheat. So, it is important not to confuse the desire for the comforts of life , with the issue of the regulation of resource distribution and the pursuit of wealth. Humans will always compete and regulated competition can be very helpful; unregulated it becomes harmful. Many have suggested taking the business financing of politics out of the game as a start. The moment a politician comes on the television or the radio, you know exactly what they will start off with, which is an attack on the other side and where possible make them appear incompetent, immoral or dangerous. This not only drives diverseness but as recent events with the Trump administration shows is increasingly dangerous.

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Just as we can have a sense of biological kinship, so we can have a sense of psychological kinship. Importantly, as some spiritual traditions encourage, we can train our brains to conceptualize humanity as part of our “kin group” . Right wing politicians however are more interested in splitting and setting one group up against another. I initially wanted to use FxRobotix and the only broker they offered was limefx. I deposited £250 so that I could use the FxRobotix signals but it didnt connect.

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  • One is that we can be enticed into behaving harmfully because we are compliant and subservient to authority.
  • The way in which the caring social mentalities became a prominent form of social relating in humans occurred in various and curious ways.
  • It is the management of brains and bodies too; and in particular the dark side of humanity.
  • With that in mind, Republic Commando’s rather short-lived single-player campaign becomes somewhat more of an issue than it might have otherwise have been.

Competition by attraction means one cannot simply impose ones will on others; one has to stimulate an audience to bestow status and share access to resources. Indeed, it is now known that competing for status, with experiences of pride or shame, is a major common dimension of human social behavior (Gilbert, 2007; Durkee et al., 2019) and linked to reputation (Sznycer et al., 2016). Many on the right-wing argue that competition is important because it drives enterprise, and you cannot share resources unless you create them.

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For example, we can talk about caring for our gardens, homes, cars or prized possessions, or our planet, but we do not use the term compassion for that type of caring because these are not sentient and do not experience suffering. Hence, the root of compassion is in the caring motives, textured by our unique minds and awareness of suffering . So, this brings us back to the fact that compassion is the intentional desire to be “sensitive to suffering in self and others with a commitment to try to alleviate and prevent it” . This is profoundly important because it means that compassion is an intentional desire to bring caring into our relationships, into our world, into our politics, into our businesses, and we can use science and research of how best to do those. Using our new intelligence can change our social discourses and thereby over time change our phenotypes. There is however, a rather a big hitch to the evolution of caring and sharing.

  • In addition, one can see the theme of SDO as a form of social, cultural narcissism.
  • Hormones such as oxytocin and vasopressin and a range of physiological changes such as to the autonomic nervous system and frontal cortex evolved with, and tune us into caring behavior (Porges, 2007, 2017; Mayseless, 2016; Carter et al., 2017).
  • Compassion has to be powered in part by moral values and understanding its value, not just our innate reactions.
  • Mr M Cherry, July 2001 I did the North Wales Circular tour at the start of July from Bramhall , first of all catching a 323 into Manchester Piccadilly where I boarded a 175 to Llandudno Junction.
  • Compassion is not just about soothing, but it is also about energizing for courageous and wise action.

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The Flows of Compassion

During the tenure of Peña Nieto, one of the most controversial and least popular presidents, BlackRock prospered by the cozy ties. It soon wasengagedin highly profitable infrastructure projects under Peña Nieto including not only oil and gas pipelines and wells but also including toll roads, hospitals, gas pipelines and even prisons. The father, Carlos Slim, at the time named by Forbes as World’s Richest Person, built an empire based around his sweetheart limefx forex brokers reviews acquisition of Telemex . Then President, Carlos Salinas de Gortari, in effect gifted the telecom empire to Slim in 1989. Salinas later fled Mexico on charges of stealing more than $10 billion from state coffers. Most likely to be certain BlackRock was on the winning side in the corrupt new Nieto regime, Fink named 52-year-old Marcos Antonio Slim Domit, billionaire son of Mexico’s wealthiest and arguably most corrupt man, Carlos Slim, to BlackRock’s Board.

The caring social mentality has been evolving over hundreds of millions of years, traceable in many ancient species and with the lineage of physiological processes increasingly well understood. Not only that, but compassion was very much part of this with the archeological record showing that early humans were very concerned with the suffering of others and cared for the sick and injured . It seems there were many factors that came together that shifted us into a caring sharing species and for the most part suppressing aggressive competitiveness. Tragically when these important brain nutrients of care, compassion, and love are not received, and children are on the receiving end of low warmth, neglect, or abuse, it has devastating impacts on the brain, epigenetics, and subsequent development . The suffering of the Romanian children in orphanages tragically brought home just how important affectionate caring was to the development of the brain (Chugani et al., 2001). In fact, there is now considerable evidence that our basic strategic orientation (particularly on the dimensions of “helping and concern for others” versus “lack of concern for others”) is partly set in our life histories .

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It is not impossible for us to overrule these evolutionary preferences, but we need to understand them and what we need to do if we want to overcome them . This paper highlights that the evolution of caring behavior, through parent–infant limefx, was a template for many forms of caring. Hormones such as oxytocin and vasopressin and a range of physiological changes such as to the autonomic nervous system and frontal cortex evolved with, and tune us into caring behavior (Porges, 2007, 2017; Mayseless, 2016; Carter et al., 2017). In addition, caring and sharing became the central social discourse in hunter-gatherer societies as a resource distribution strategy.

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